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Industry Schools 200% Money back guarantee

How can we offer a 200% Money Back Guarantee? With 99% of our students passing the state exams on their first attempt, we can afford to make an offer that is unheard of in the school industry. In short, our goal is for every qualified applicant for a contractor’s license to be able to pass the state exams. Even if you are not good at taking tests, do not understand legal jargon or how to read a financial statement, we will never give up on you. If you want to pass the state exams, you will pass the state exams.

We encourage our students to provide feedback on the quality of our study materials.The questions we receive from students is used to provide the most current and complete information possible. Participation by our students is invaluable because only you can tell us where you had problems on the state exam.

Our Editors
Our editors will analyze your feedback, do any necessary research, supplement our course materials, and get them to you ASAP. This circle of information will insure your success as well as that of other contractors who have had difficulty passing the state exams.

Money Back Guarantee!

  1. Updates are available for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  2. You must take your state exam within this update period.
  3. An additional 3 months of updates are available upon valid extension requests.
  4. If you fail both the Law and Business and your Trade exams after three attempts we will refund 200% of your original course price. If you pass one and fail the other we will pay you 200% of the one course.
  5. If you choose not to accept a refund, we will continue to provide the study materials to you until you have successfully passed your State Contractors Exam.

To obtain your 200% Refund follow these Simple steps;

  1. Enough Study Time; You must provide yourself adequate time for study. Typically a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks is needed to prepare for each per course.
  2. When you get your Exam date; Email us at and include your Name, Trade, Order# Date of Purchase and Fax# or call us at 408-243-3636.
  3. We will fax you any Course Updates (within 48 hours) that have been created since your original course date. Review and study the new updated exam questions.
  4. On the day of your Exam; note any information that you were required to know for the state exams that was not covered in our course materials.
  5. After the Exam; email us your feedback on any additional course questions you may have or we didn't’t cover in our classes to:, or fax them to (408-244-0253), or call us at (408-243-3636).
  6. If you fail the state exams for any reason; FAX your State Exam Failure Notice to us at (408-244-0253) and continue to study. Call us at 408-243-3636 to discuss any additional study materials or answers to questions you may have.
  7. Do not Re-Schedule your Exam until advised; we will stay in contact with you until you get the additional study materials you need to pass. It is best to re-schedule your Exam Date only after you are ready for the Exam
  8. We will review each of your questions; our editors will review your feedback and send you additional study materials and updates.
  9. When you receive your updates; replace any old questions and answers with the new ones and study any additional questions, answers and explanations.
  10. Re-Schedule your Exam Date; re-schedule your exam date ONLY after you have received your updates, studied your materials and feel you are ready for the Exam.
  11. If you do not pass the second time; repeat the above instructions and send us your additional feedback regarding the study questions.
  12. If you fail a third time; repeat the above instructions and send us your additional feedback regarding the study questions. send your third exam feed back questions.
  13. You will receive a 200% course Refund; after completing the above tasks and have actively participated in the Contractors Circle we will refund 200% of your original course purchase price. If you passed one of your exams but failed to pass the other we will refund you for only the exam you failed three times.
  14. To receive your 200% Refund; just return all your course materials and comply with the above tasks.
  15. 200% Refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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