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California state contractor license benefits

Are you a contractor currently working in the state of California? Have you been working in your particular trade at the journey-level for at least 4 years? Are you 18 years of age or older? If you ansered "yes" to all of these questions, then you are eligible to apply for your California state contractor license.

As an unlicensed contractor in the state of California, you have probably discovered that contractors who hold California state contractors license are only permitted to bid on jobs costing $500 or more - including materials and labor. Therefore, without a CA contractor license, you are limited to doing small jobs for small pay. However, with a California state contractor license, you are free to bid on any and all work. You can accept bigger jobs - and make bigger bucks!

CA contractor license offers advantage

When you compete for work, you definitely want to give yourself an edge. So, if you are competing for contracting jobs in California, a CA contractor license can give you just that edge. California contractor license does not just enable you to bid on higher-paying jobs. It also gives you an advantage over unlicensed contractors when bidding for lower-paying work. After all, who would you want to repair your roof or repave your driveway: a contractor who claims to know what he is doing, or a contractor who is officially licensed by the state?

California contractor: get license today

If you are a CA painter, plumber, roofer, electrician, or other contractor, it makes good sense - and good cents - to get licensed. Here at, we can provide you with everything that you need to become a fully licensed California contractor. Get license home study materials, application forms - and much, much more! Why continue working little jobs for little money as an unlicensed California contractor? Get license information and Contractors Home Study Licensing KITs from today! Just e-mail us, or contact us at 800-456-2150.

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