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California state landscape contractor license

California is full of natural beauty. From its gently swaying palm trees to its majestic redwoods, the landscape of California is truly stunning. Of course, not all of this natural landscaping in CA occurs naturally. Much of it is done by contract landscapers. And, much more of it needs to be done. Licensed landscapers are in demand in CA. So, if you have a California state landscape contractor license, there is a great deal of work waiting!

Would you like to apply for your California contractor landscape license or California electrical contractors license? If so, then can help get your California contractor license.

Get California contractor landscape license

At, we offer Contractors Home Study Licensing KITs for 42 different CA trade classifications, including landscaping. Our lanscaping kit contains everything that you need to get your California state landscape contractor license - from the prep materials for the licensing exam to the documents that need to be filed with the state. We even include a convenient licensing checklist so that you can stay organized and keep track of your California contractor landscape license application.

Electrical contractor license, California

As an electrical contractor, your job is to shed light on things. However, there is one thing that you may still be in the dark about. Did you know that a licensed electrical contractor in CA can make much more money than an unlicensed one? If you are at least 18 years old - and you have at least 4 years of journey-level experience - you can apply for your electrical contractor license. California contracting experts at can walk you through the process. Why not contact us today to discuss your electrical contractor license? California can always use another good licensed electrician. Why should it not be you?

Pool contractor license school, California

Built-in swimming pools: they are an intricate part of the CA landscape. Of course, someone has to build them. That is why there is a big demand for licensed pool contractors. If you want to get your license, can help. Thanks to our at-home pool contractor license school, California is adding more and more licensed pool contractors to its ranks. 95% of our customers pass the exam on the first try. The next could be you! Explore our Web site to learn more about our at-home pool contractor license school. California can never have too many pools - or pool contractors!

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