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How to get a contractors license in California?

Are you a California-based plumber, electrician, builder, roofer, mason, carpenter, or other contract worker? Are you interested in getting a California contractor license? But, are you unsure exactly how to get a contractors license in California? Getting a California contractors license can be quite a complicated process. You must pass a written test in your particular trade classification. You must also fill out and file a number of different documents and pay a small fee. If you fail to pass the examination or forget to complete any part of the paperwork, your application will not be approved.

California contractor license made easy

As a contractor, you know that contracting work is hard. Luckily, getting a contracting license is easy - at least, it is if you get help from When you order one of our Contractors Home Study Licensing KITs, you get everything that you need to attain your California contractor license. Each kit includes course DVDs, study manuals and current practice questions with the answers fully explained to prepare you to take - and pass - your licensing examination. Every kit also comes complete with all of the application materials that you need to file with the state of CA. In addition, these kits contain a convenient licensing checklist to assist you in staying on top of all of your application materials and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Plus - as if all of this were not enough - our experienced licensed contractors are always standing by here at to lend support and to answer any and all of your questions. So, if the question is how to get a contractors license in California, the answer is readily available here at Why not contact us today?

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