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Industry Schools is one of the very first Schools to provide high quality Home Study Courses to Students and Building Industry Professionals. We have been providing contractors licensing KITís for over 10 years via the internet.

For over 35 years our editors and publishers have created and maintained Courses for all 42 of Californiaís License Classifications. And have successfully assisted over 100 thousand contractors to obtain their state license.  

State Exams

We are continually updating our materials to stay current with the NEW State Exams. The State is constantly upgrading their Exams to address the ongoing changes in the State Laws, Materials and Building Practices. By providing current study materials and practice questions we can offer a 200% guarantee that you will pass your State Contractors License Exam.

Home Study Kits

Learn how to become a contractor at home!

Our Home Study KITS contain all the applications, forms, course study manuals and the class lectures on DVDs and CDs that you will need to get your license. In addition, our study manuals contain hundreds and hundreds of current practice exam questions. Our KITs are packaged specifically for each student to insure they receive the most current documents and study materials.

We NOW include a Crash Course on CD; just put the computer program in your machine and start taking your practice tests.  This outstanding testing tool will grade each exam you take (60%-75%-90%) and at completion the program will display the questions you missed and the correct answers. You can re-take these Practice Exams over and over right up to the day of your State Exam.

We're Here to Help

We are happy to assist you in completing all your licensing application documents and forms. And we encourage you to fax over your State Application to us before you send it to the CSLB. If you have any questions you can call at any time and talk to a License General Contractor with over 30 years experience in the construction industry.  And, we will answer your questions regarding the state licensing and our study materials as soon as possible and to the best of our ability.  

Our licensing courses are designed for the California State Licensing process. However many students from other states have used our Trade Only Courses when they need study materials for other states.  We do not suggest you order the Law and Business Course for any use outside of California.

We are looking forward to assisting you in obtaining your California State Contractors License and to start you on the road to becoming a Professional Contractor.

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