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I wanted to thank you for your course. I followed your simple instructions and am happy to say that I passed both the trade and law exams this morning! I was amazed at the number of questions that I studied for, were actual questions that I had to answer! The instructors used in tapes and DVD's are pretty knowledgeable to what the state looks for.

Thanks again for your product. Regards,

Scott Spomer, p.s. Please use this as a testimony for any of your publications.

Thanks for the support. I was quite surprised how responsive you were when I failed the Trade portion of the State Exam.  I expected a hassle but you found my shortcomings and gave me the additional materials I needed to pass.

Thanks again for keeping your word.

Mark, B-1 General Building

Gary; thank you for your time on the telephone, so late at night!  I appreciate your sending this out to me yourself, it shows your commitment to my success, which is a valuable commodity in today's "just give me the money society!".  I look forward towards informing you of my future success, as well as ordering my General B licensing tutorials - which I plan to study and apply for in the near future.  Since I know many trades, I'm seriously thinking of expanding my flooring business. Thanks again, you'll be hearing from me.

Ricky, Southern California

Thank you, I ordered your Contractors Study Course On-line and received a full set of DVDs, Study Manuals, Practice Test Questions and State Applications in just days. All the materials were organized and easy to read. I studied, watched the DVDs and passed my License Exam in just 3 months.

Thanks Industry Schools for my new profession.

C. Bush, San Jose,  C-33 Painting & Decorating

Gary, Just a quick "THANKS" again for your encouragement for the contractors Lic test that my husband just took and passed.   I had called you on 2 occasions to ask for your help on a few questions on the application, and you lead me through them with ease.  I appreciated your  knowledge and professionalism in the way you took care of my questions, and making me feel like I could not screw it up.  Again, Gary, Thanks.   Regards,

Roseanne Kiss, North County Printers & Signs, Oceanside, CA

I passed! Just wanted to thank you for everything you have helped me with, thanks a lot. The major thing on the test is to relax and just read the questions very slowly and you will understand them a little better. I was so stressed out and scared every time I think I just was in a hurry and didn't realize it.

Mike Ahart, C-32 Parking and Highway

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your course material. I took the General Building (B-1) test Saturday & passed easily!I think you covered the information very well & the updated material came in handy.

Thank you again,

M. Scott Matthews, B-01 General Builder

Thanks for the speedy response Gary. I will fax my application to you when completed.

I truly appreciate your help.

Tom Nelson,  Lockwood

Hello, my name is Rob and I purchased your audio Study Kit and ACED the state exam! I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent material. I couldn't have done it with out your help.

Thanks again,

Rob, Four Star Fine Finish Carpentry, B-736762

I wanted to touch bases with you and thank you for your products. I recently passed my state law & Business exam, and the materials provided were very helpful. You were also helpful in reviewing my application prior to sending it to the CSLB. I would like to add a classification to my license. Are there any promotions or discounts that repeat customers can take advantage of?

Sean Young, C-61 Limited Specialty

Thank you for your speedy reply,

Happy Holidays

Jeff Watson, B-01 General Building

I took my State Exam and passed.  I very much appreciated the materials I purchased from your company.  I was also taking an online class and going through another program at the same time I was studying with the materials I purchased from you.  However, since I kept hearing from people close to me how difficult the test was and that it was virtually impossible to pass the test the first time) and knew of at least one very smart individual who had taken the test five times before passing, I felt I needed as much information as possible and took my studies very seriously.   It was nice to have materials to study when I was not near my computer. 

Thanks again for your excellent resources. 

Evelyn Kelly, Real Estate Agent

Yahoo Store Rating: Excellent

Thank you very much you were very prompt on getting everything I needed.

Thank you again,  

Ryan Hoffman, B-1 General Building

Yahoo Store Rating: Excellent 

Comments:I ordered the program online. I had immediate response from the vendor because my credit card would not go through, I resolved the issue quickly and I received my package on the day they said I would receive it. They have an excellent program.

Oscar Perez, Los Angels, California


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