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After Passing your Exams
Contractors License and Performance Bonds

Filing your Final Contractors License Documentation

Industry Schools Contractors License KITs provides you the best value in licensing courses available today. We pride ourselves in providing prompt complete assistance, current study materials with updates and Crash Courses to help you pass your State Exam.

Industry Schools commitment to you does not stop at helping you pass your State Exam, we are here to assist you in completing your final State Documents and getting your new business started. In association with California Contractors Insurance Services Inc, (CCIS) we can help you obtain and provide your required Contractors License Bond and your final document filing. It is best to file ALL these documents and fees at the same time to reduce delays.

We want to make sure your Final Application Documents are filed both promptly and properly. Incomplete or inconsistent filings of the final License Applications can add months to the final issuance of your State Contractors License Number. We encourage you to review and use the appropriate documents enclosed in our KITs. You should follow each document's instructions to insure that your final documents are filed in full.

If you have any questions about the License Bond or your final document filing contact Sheralyn Gibson at California Contractors Insurance Services Inc. at 800-432-2641 or email her at


After you PASS your State License EXAMS;


The following steps are required after you have passed your State License Exam. You will or should have been given your Exam Pass Notice on the day of your test and receive a Congratulations Letter from the Board.
We encourage you to forward not only the bond application and premium but any other remaining license documents and/or fees directly to CCIS.  Sending all documents through CCIS benefits the contractor by the processing all documents with date-stamped when received at the CSLB.  CCIS sends a date-stamped copy of all filed items direct to the contractor.

Enclose the following documents in the Self Address and Prepaid return envelope provided in your KIT

  1. Using the self addressed and prepaid envelope will insure prompt documents filing through CCIS.
  2. Make a check payable to the CSLB for $150 for the initial (2) two year license fee.
  3. Include a copy of your Congratulations letter from the Contractors State License Board.
  4. Complete and Sign each portion of the Contractors License Bond Application.
  5. Applications must be signed by each principal(s) of the business, as instructed before issuance.
  6. Make Check payable or Credit Card authorization to the Bonding Company for the License Bond Term.
  7. Complete and Sign the answer sheet from your Asbestos Open-Book Exam, send the Answer Sheet only.
  8. The Workers Compensation Exemption Form or the Certificate of Workers Compensation as required.
  9. Make a copy of all documents and include the originals in the prepaid envelope and send.
  10. CCIS will send you a copy of all the documents filed with the CSLB.

Contact California Contractors Insurance Services Inc,. (CCIS) if you need help with completing your Contractors License Bond or final document filing process.

Contractors License Bond and Final Document Instructions
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