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Crash Course Exam Testing CDs
Contractors License and Performance Bonds

Included with each Course...

An Interactive Practice Exam CD...

Your personal Crash Courses on CDs...

  • NOW... No NEED for any 2 Day Crash Course...that doesn't WORK!

  • Study at Home ... practice the examples in your own home...

  • Practice at your Own Pace... at the time you choose...

  • Interactive Practice Exam CD ... We include an interactive "PRACTICE EXAM CD" for each course in your Contractors Licensing KIT.

  • Hundreds of Practice Question... Each Trade and Law Course contains a "Practice Exam CD" with hundreds of specific Practice Questions.

  • On Your Own Computer... Prepare for the State Exam right on your own computer just like you will experience the day of your State Exam.

  • After Practice Exam Grading... Each time you take a practice Exam the program will grade you on your correct answers 60%, 75%, 90% etc.

  • Lists Missed Questions... At the end of each Practice Exam the CD will list all the questions that were answered incorrectly.

  • Provides Correct Answers... In addition, the Practice Exam CDs provide the correct answer to each question you missed.

  • Print out full Reports.... The Software also allows you to Print Out a full report of all the Questions you missed for future study.

  • Test yourself Over and Over... You can practice taking the Tests over and over right up to the day of your State License Exam.

  • Each Test is Different... Each time you take an Exam again the software randomizes the questions to create a new Exam.

  • Well Prepared for State Exam... You will be well prepared for the State Exam after practicing with this Powerful interactive Practice Exam TOOL.


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